LANCO Coaching and Player Development Program


The LANCO Soccer League understands the impact that a positive experience in soccer can have on the development of young people.  We know that coaches, parents and club officials spend tremendous amounts of time in trying to help players develop their soccer skills and learn lessons that extend to life off the field.  In order to help everyone-coaches and players-get more from the process, the LANCO League has created a Coaching Education and Player Development Program.

The program’s main goal is to provide support and resources for coaches, parents and players to help the players enjoy the game more fully, become more successful on the field, and grow into confident, positive adults.  We believe that increasing players’ skill level and ability to play the game with confidence is an important part of helping them develop because the confidence they develop on the field extends to life off the field.  Players who are more comfortable with the ball and more confident are going to have more fun playing, too. 

It’s also true that by helping players enjoy their soccer experience more fully, we will be helping to strengthen the league’s member teams and clubs.  There are a few basic areas that the LANCO League is currently focusing on with respect to the program:

  • Coaching clinics/Coaching education sessions
  • Training sessions for teams
  • Web resources that include practice games, practice drills, and help with planning training sessions
  • Web pages devoted to helping parents become familiar with soccer and help parents use soccer as a teaching tool for life off the field
  • Local, regional, and national soccer news updates via Facebook, Twitter, and our website

All of these resources are intended to help players enjoy their playing more by helping them directly and by helping the people who are working with them.  Most importantly, all of the services are provided from a “club neutral” perspective.  In other words, they are provided without an agenda of “recruiting” players for another team or club.  They are for the good of the kids and the good of the game.

For more information on the program, check back with us as additional content is added to this site.  You can also check out our Facebook page, “Lanco Soccer League,” and “Like” it.   On Twitter, we can be found by following“@LANCOleague.”

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