Instructions for Team Access and Score Reporting

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Team Access and Score Reporting

Each team has 'log-in' rights to their own team's administrative pages located on the LANCO website at

The team administrative page is where you go to:


  • enter a score


  • modify the public-look of your 'Team Page'


  • update your team's contact information


To log in to your team page, go to , then


  • Click on 'Schedules,' located on right side of the home page


  • Click on the division your team plays in


  • Click on your team's name up in the division standings


  • Click the  'LOG IN' link in the upper right hand corner of your 'Team Page'


This will bring you to a log-in screen that will ask for your 'Email Address' and 'PIN #''

Please note: If you are not a new team, have used this system in the past, and have a new email address, please use your old email address (the one most recently used) to enter because this is the only email the system will recognize. Once inside your team's administrative page you can update your contact information with your new email address to use for future log-ins.

First time users, please enter your email address, then click “If you have forgotten, or have never received your log in information [click here]”. Next, click 'Submit.'

You will receive an email message with your new PIN #.

Once logged in, you will be on your team’s administrative page where you can (1) enter a score, (2) modify the public look of your 'Team Page,' or (3) edit/update team staff and team staff contact information.