LANCO Scholarship Forms

Completed Forms are Due June 30


Lancaster County Youth Soccer League Scholarship Fund






The LANCO Scholarship Fund offers Six, One Thousand , scholarships to be awarded to three female and three male LANCO soccer players.  The scholarships are in the names of Dave Edgecombe, Keith OMalley and Angelo's Soccer Corner



 The players must meet the criteria as set forth by the LANCO Scholarship Committee below.


All applicants must meet the following criteria:


1.      Properly complete the application

2.      Must be a senior in high school and have been a LANCO/EPYSA registered player in their junior year if not currently playing as a senior

3.      Minimum SAT Score = 900

4.      Minimum GPA = 2.75

5.      Must be accepted by a Division I, II, III College or University, Junior College or Accredited Trade School.

6.      Must not be accepted on a full scholarship

7.      Must supply supportive financial information with application.  PAGE 1 ONLY of the SAR is required for consideration.  (The form is generated after the students submission of the FAFSA application)


Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in the rejection of the application.


Please mail completed application and required documents to:


The LANCO Scholarship Fund

163 Hess Blvd

Lancaster PA 17601


The applications must be USPS postmarked on or before June 30 of current year.











Lancaster County Youth Soccer League Scholarship Application



Name: ___________________________________________________ SSN:  _________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________________


City: _____________________________________          State: ____    Zip; ________________


Date of Birth: ____/____/____ Telephone (_____) _____________ Email: ____________________


Parent/Guardian Names: ____________________________________________________________



LANCO Information


Club Affiliation: __________________________________________________________________


Team: _____________________________ Coaches Name: ________________________________


Coaches Telephone/Email: __________________________________________________________



High School Information


Name of High School: _____________________________________________________________


Telephone (_____) _____________ Date of Graduation: __________________________________


GPA: ___________  SAT Scores: _____________________

I, certify that I am a high school official and that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.  Print Name: ______________________________________  Title: ________________


Signature: _______________________________________________________ Date: ___________



College or Institution Information


Name of College or Institution: ______________________________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________________


City: ________________________________              State: ______            Zip: ________________


Telephone (_____) _____________                      Date of Acceptance: __________________________