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Welcome to the Lanco Youth Soccer League’s Training Library.  Below, you will find training activities listed below headings indicating the skill sets they are designed to address.  Note, though, that there will be several activities that appear under more than one category.  This is particularly true in the “Passing/Ball Circulation” and “Shooting/Ball Striking” categories as those exercises contain both elements.  When exercises overlap from one category to the other, it’s up to the coach to decide which particular skill to emphasize depending upon the needs of the team and the training plan.

All of these exercises have been used successfully with teams playing in the LANCO League during the last 2 years.

The “Gatekeeper” exercises are designed for younger, beginning players as fun ways to improve their coordination and technical skills, particularly shooting.  

CLICK HERE for some important information on how the passing exercises below, or "Passing Circulations" relate to your team's formation.

Dribbling/1v1 Passing/Ball Circulation Ball Striking/Shooting Possession/Transition Small Sided Games
Coerver Box Gatekeeper 4 Ajax Shooting 1 Ball Hunter Tag 2v1 Transition
Coerver In Box Gatekeeper 5 Ajax Shooting 2 4v2 Possession 3v2 to Goal
Coerver Box 2 Agility Passing 1 Ball Circ 9-8-2-7 4+1v2 Possession 3 Team Game
Coerver Fund. 3 Agility Passing 2 Ball Circ 10-11-5-9 4v2+2 Possession 4v4+4+GK
Coerver Fund. 4 Passing WarmUp 3 Ball Circ 5-9-10-11 5v3 Possession 3v3 in 2 Pen Areas
Coerver Fund/Pass Ball Control Warm Up 4 Ball Circ 1 w/Shot 4 Goal Possession 4 Goal Game
Gatekeeper 1 Passing Warm Up 6 Goal Line Pass/Shoot Handball Possession 4+2v4+2 w/GK's
Gatekeeper 2 "Y" Ciruculation 1.1 Receive Dribble Shoot 5v5+5 Possession 4v4+Target and GK
Gatekeeper 3 "Y" Circulation 1.2 SLB Turn & Shoot 3v1 in 2 Boxes 3v3+1+3
Shoot and Defend "Y" Circulation 2 "Y" Circulation 1 Shot 3 team, 3 zone Poss Gates to Goal
SLB Turn & Shoot "Y" Circulation 3 "Y" Circulation 2 Shot 8v4+GK  
SLB 1v1 Central Circulation 1 "Y" Circulation 3 Shot 8v4+GK, var. 2  
SLB 1v2 Central Circulation 2      
Funct. Dribble Box Central Circulation 3      
Coerver Shoot 1 Goal Line Pass/Shoot      
Coerver Shoot 2 Barca Triangles 1&2      
  Ajax Pass Shoot 1      
  Ajax Pass Shoot 2      
  Ball Circ/Shoot 9-8-2-7      
  Ball Circ/Shoot 10-11-5-9      
  Ball Circ/Shoot 5-9-10-11      
  Ball Circulation 1      
  Ball Circulation 1 w/Shot      
  Ball Circulation 1w/Dribble      

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