Fall Season Playoffs Nov 12 and 13, 2016


At the end of each fall season, LANCO Soccer will provide a playoff tournament for those teams wishing to participate.  Awards will be given in each age group and division for the Champion and Runner-up.

  1. LANCO Soccer Inc. will pay the referees for the playoff games.  Clubs will not have to pay referee or participation fees.
  2. Playoffs will be Held for U9 through U16 age groups....U9 to U12 the top 8 teams will qualify for playoffs.  In U13 through U16 the top Four teams will qualify.  Awards for U19 will be given to the regular season Champion and Runner up.
  3. LANCO League reserves the right to make adjustments in standings or number of teams participating in a given division.
  4. Higher seeded team is the home team and will be responsible for changing Jerseys in the event opf a conflict.
  5. Tie Breakers for seeding are:
  • 1-Head to Head Competition
  • 2-Goals Against (Max 5 per game)
  • 3-Goals for (max 5 Per game)
  • 4-Coin Flip

Teams must inform LANCO Soccer by email no later than Oct 30 if they DO NOT wish to participate in the playoffs.  Club reps can email the Vice-President at socref396@comcast.net if they have a team that does not wish to participate.  Please include club name, age group and team name.


  • Length of match-all playoff matches will be 30 minute halves for U13 and up and 25 minute halves for U12 and below.
  • At the end of regulation time, if the match is tied, a winner will be determined by kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game.
  • Any team failing to show up for a scheduled match will be dropped from the competition and the club will be fined $100.00
  • Any rules not mentioned here follow LANCO regular season guidelines.
  • Any conflict will be resolved by the Playoff Tournament Director or Official and will be final.

 Playoff venue will once again be supported by Pequea Valley at Pequea Valley High School



U9 Boys D1 U9 Girls D1
U9 Boys D2  
U10 Boys D1 U10 Girls D1
U10 Boys D2 U10 Girls D2
U11 Boys D1 U11 Girls D1
U12 BoysD1 U12 Girls D1
  U13 Girls D1
  U14/15 Girls Fall

Field Layout